Cheating Boyfriend Test

         "Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me Quiz"   

 "Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me Quiz"

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Read all the questions below they will help you figure out if your boyfriend is cheating on you. Then it is up to you how to handle it. my opinion is get a new boyfriend. Once a cheater always a cheater and he will eventually  ruin your life. So take the "cheating boyfriend test" and catch him now!     

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"Cheating Boyfriend Test" - Part One

Get a note pad and  answer these questions



Is he acting extra weird and distant like he is in la-la land?



Does it take a long time to answer your calls or text messages?



When he says he will meet you does he show up late or not at all?



Has his grooming habits changed for the better?



Has he become not interested in sex?


Sometimes they want more sex when they are cheating. Watch for new techniques and demands



Do you ever smell a hint of perfume or any other new smells on him or his stuff?



Has the hugs and kisses stopped?



Here is a common one, does he buy you gifts but never use to?


How about does he pick a fight so he can leave your presence?





Is he acting hyper and nervous?



Is he giving you all kinds of stupid excuses?

Is he spending a lot of extra time on the computer? Cheaters will delete the history check it!

You can check his computers history, click the favorites star then click history and you can see where he has been. The smart ones delete their tracks. This is one of the top "signs of a cheating boyfriend".

"Cheating Boyfriend Test"- Part two

Play detective and collect some strong evidence. Once you start looking the signs of a cheating boyfriend will become very obvious 




Ask your friends if he ever hit on them or if they can tell you who he is fooling around with. Sometimes they just do not want to tell you even though they know



Check out his car, since most guys are sloppy, you might find a condom wrapper, underwear or numerous other items belonging to the other girl



Does he have a special odds and end drawer? of course he does you might hit the jackpot in there. He thinks it is a safe place to unload his pockets



Try to follow him see where he goes and what he is up to be careful



Almost forgot, make sure you check his email he could slip up go up to the email banner and check it out it is a gold mine



Try to get his cell phone and copy his received and made calls also speed dial and text messages


This last one getting his cell phone deserves a whole section it is vital to try to follow through by getting the numbers and then finding out who and where they are. You even get maps showing you where she lives.

"Cheating Boyfriend Test"- Part three

Cell Phone detective work is how most cheaters are found out so try hard to get through this difficult part it's worth it!

If Your boyfriend is cheating he could actually have the girls number on his cell phone someplace, another important "sign of a cheating boyfriend" so lets go get it.

The tricky part is getting a hold of their cell phone. Then you must start copying all the numbers you find. Besides his contacts get all his calls received, made and missed. Obviously if you recognize any just ignore those. Put his phone back and hit the road.

Now it's time to play detective, you can try checking these numbers in the FREE reverse phone lookup section , which is totally free to use but usually will not give cell phone information or unlisted numbers. Most home phone numbers will come up. Try this first but do not sign up or pay for anything, there is a better place below.

The absolute best way to get cell phone and unlisted numbers is by using Reverse Phone Detective which is the king of the hill! Use this link to get there. The Best Cell Phone Reverse lookup

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"Cheating Boyfriend Test"- Part four

So you proved he has been cheating now you can Confront Him with hard evidence.

 OK make him stand up while you confront him with any evidence you have proving he has been cheating on you. Pay close attention to his body language here are a few examples to tell if he is lying


Honest people appear relaxed with their arms at their side or use them during a discussion.


Liars tend to cross their arms as a shield they tense up and have stiff arm motions.


People who lie can not look you in the eye. If you stare them down they tend to confess. Some practiced liars can maintain eye contact.


Liars tend to be very fidgety shifting weight from one foot to the next.


Lying causes lots of stress look for a change in breathing, slight sweating, dryness around the lips causing them to lick their lips excessively.


When telling a lie they tend to touch the face and rub their nose.

 Lying causes your nose to swell, totally true, it becomes engorged with blood and is uncomfortable causing them to touch their nose. This is a dead giveaway since they can not control it. This is a classic sign of a cheating boyfriend getting busted.


I hope the "Is my boyfriend cheating on me quiz" helped you

 Only you can decide what to do!

You only have a few options

Kick his lying, cheating, pathetic butt out of your life forever!


Do it now and get the pain over with instead of going through this agony when you are married with kids. It will be so much more complicated and painful.


You could forgive him and believe him when he promises never to cheat on you again. But you will never really trust him after this along with a lack of love.


Say absolutely nothing. Keep what you know a secret and see how it all works out. This never seems to work there will always be the picture of him cheating on you in your head and as a result you will have a crappy relationship.



There is an old saying "once a cheater always a cheater"

This is so true. Some guys need multiple partners, dump him!!!!!!!






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