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Flirting is hot 

Really works 

When you flirt with a man, you stay in a that man's mind - sometimes for years!

Anyone can have a conversation - but flirting shows that you really care about him, not just as a person, but as a man!

The art of flirting can take you from nice to charming.

Flirting is not just for romance. A true flirt uses almost every encounter with a man to make him feel more like a man - making him feel charmed and wanted and special. Men love it when a woman cares enough to flirt with them.

Flirting sends a man the kind of message that is vital to his sense of masculinity and his self-esteem. There are so many men who are simply starved for this kind of attention.

Why not practice your flirting on the men you consider to be "safe"?

Why not flirt with men a little more today than you did yesterday?

Start with a warm smile for everyone. That's the first step in practicing flirting. And smiling is not against the law, the last time I checked!

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